A Big Thanks and Happy New Year

 The Citypak Project has distributed over 12,400 paks in 21 cities across America. Our goal is to be plus 20,000 by end of 2015. None of this would have happen without the support of our team. 

I especially want to thank CEO's Tom Korbas from Samsonsite and Dawn Sicco from High Sierra for their support in growing our intiative. They are great people that understand the importance of corporate social responsibility. Together we found common ground to help the countries homeless.

A special thanks to Monica Diaz assistant to Dawn Sicco and Mike Angelini from High Sierra's design team. Also to the voice of Citypak, Carrie Lombardi our publicist.

To PJ Loughran, Rolland Callies & Ashley Boll at Superfly Presents for recognizing our mission and lending their support in the world of social media.

Lastly, to my partners at Monterey International, Garry Buck and Paul Goldman for their continued support of the Citypak Project.

Of course to all the individual and corporate donors that helped us grow  in new cities like New Orleans, Boston and Portland, OR and Austin, TX. 

Lastly, to all the organizations that helped us put Citypaks in the hands of their cities homeless.