Braeden and his Mom's testimonial

Thank you! And merry Christmas.  We had an amazing opportunity to meet some new people today. People from all walks of lifeā€¦ a pilot, a marine, a father of teen girls, a man recently released from the hospitol, a long haul truck driver, and many others. All with very different stories to tell. All with one thing in common. Each man and woman we spent time with on first hill this afternoon called the streets their home. We feel so fortunate to be able to give back in our community. With the vision of Jessie Hamilton, the compassion of our little boy, and the generosity of Braeden's friends and extended family we were able to touch many lives today. We received amazing high quality backpacks from CityPak, filled them with basic essentials such as food, gloves, hand warmers, toothbrushes, blankets, etc. given to us by Braeden's friends for his 7th birthday, and shared them with almost twenty individuals who are too often overlooked. A huge thank you to Citypak, Jessie Hamilton, and all of our loved ones who contributed to this cause.