The Citypak Project is coming to Houston, TX

We are partnering with the Faith Network, who will be distributing Citypaks on Dec. 12th at 3rd Ward, Museum District, Downtown Houston. 

Their mission statement:

Each and everyday that we travel to school, work, or just out on the town we see the forgotten souls here on earth. These forgotten souls are the homeless. They were people just like you and I. They were once our neighbors, once our friends, they were even our family members. There are a number of reasons why they are in the positions they are in the present day. One possible reason they may continue to stay in their current state is lack of care and compassion. Some need a nudge to get back up and begin to walk again. While some will never bounce back. We are here to find the ones that want to make their way back home. Please join us in our search! #beablessinghtx