The Citypak Project is coming to Madison on September 25th

The State Street Family distribution of 140 Citypaks will occur between 7pm-10pm @ The First United Methodist Church 203 Wisconsin Ave.

Here's their mission statement.

Our homeless citizens sleep on the streets, under bridges, and in the woods. Many are injured, sick and hungry. And it’s not just the elements that these citizens have to fight against: it is violence; it is preconceived notions and prejudice; it is city services that don’t stretch nearly far enough; it is ignorance and apathy.

Although they may currently be without a home, they are never without a family. The mission of Friends of the State Street Family is to provide immediately needed food, care, gear and other resources.

If you believe it is unconscionable and inconceivable that the basic needs of men, women, children and senior citizens in our city are not being met, and that those faced with homelessness deserve better