Citypak is partnering with Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 350

From Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 350:

We are the Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 350 and we are working on our Silver Award. For our Silver Award we are raising money to buy multi-purpose backpacks for the homeless in Birmingham, Alabama. We are partnering with a non-profit orginization called CityPak. They are offering to match the amount of money we raise. Each backpack costs $20 and our goal is to buy 500 backpacks.

When you contibute to a backpack you are making a homeless person's hard times much better by giving them a safe place to put their personal items and giving them many more advantages built into these customized backpacks. This will greatly help us acheive our goal of giving the homeless a safe, conveinent backpack to help make their everyday lives easier.  

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