Pics from Haven for Hope’s outreach in San Antonio, TX

Providing hope and new beginnings for men, women and children experiencing homelessness. We offer residential care and comprehensive services to support transition from homelessness to housing. Far beyond just providing people experiencing homelessness a safe place to sleep each night, Haven for Hope is a 37 acre “one stop” centralized Campus which aims to address the root causes of homelessness by providing access to over 150 comprehensive services. 

The collaboration of 36 on-campus Partner agencies has made Haven for Hope the largest Transformational campus in the United States as well as a model for future programs nation-wide. In addition to job training, education and behavioral health services, the campus also has 900 beds for men, women and children and hosts services for dental, vision, primary health care, food, legal, mental health, substance abuse, child care and spiritual needs.

Haven for Hope